The only songs Amanda has ever written are blues songs and punk rock songs. Most punk rock songs involve no more than...

Ryan-Mahabir on October 15, 2019

Why is E correct? Why is D incorrect?


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SamA on November 7, 2019

Hello @Ryan-Mahabir,

Here is the problem with D. The only thing we know about the pets is that parrots are noisy. It never says anything about fish. Although it might seem like common knowledge that fish are not noisy, remember that we have to stick with what is in the passage. We cannot make a conclusion about fish, which is what D attempts to do.

Think about the structure of the argument. Two options are given in an either/or format. We are given a characteristic of option 2. If option 1 does not happen, then we must have option 2, along with its characteristic.

E is better, because it follows the same format as the given argument. If their next pet is not a fish, then it will be a parrot. Therefore, it will probably be very noisy. This does not make a conclusion about fish.

If her next song is not a blues song, then it will be a punk rock song. Therefore it will probably not involve more than three chords. This does not make a conclusion about the blues.

Do you see how D does not follow this same pattern?

Lucie on November 9, 2019

I really like this explanation, thank you!