If Timmons performs at the Jackson exhibition and Vega performs at the Katz exhibition, which one of the following co...

Samir-Ghani on October 15, 2019

Game 4 Question 3

I correctly selected E, but was confused between B and E. Can someone explain why E is better than B.

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Irina on October 15, 2019


Since this is a "could be true" question, all the incorrect answer choices CANNOT be true. Let's see why (B) cannot be true.

Let's first quickly review the setup for the game:

An art gallery is scheduling 5 consecutive exhibitions - J K L N O. During the opening reception, one of five musicians will perform - T V W Y Z. The game requires us to determine the order of the exhibitions and match musicians to the artists.

A: __ __ __ __ __
M: __ __ __ __ __

The following rules apply:

(1) J exhibit is earlier than K, and K is earlier than L.

This rule tells us we have the following chain: J - K - L.

(2) T performs earlier than V, who performs earlier than W.

This rule tells us we have the following musician chain - T - V- W.

(3) W does not perform in the 4th week.

A: __ __ __ __ __
~K ~L ~J ~J
~L ~K
M: __ __ __ __ __
~W ~W ~W ~T
~V ~T ~V

We can infer that W can only perform in weeks 3 or 5.

(4) Y does not perform at the N exhibition.
(5) Z performs at the O exhibition.

The question asks us if T performs at J exhibition and V performs at K exhibition which of the following could be true?

Since we have the following chains - J - K -L and T-V-W, and match T/J and K/V, we know that W must perform later at N exhibition since Z performs at O and Y cannot perform at N, so Y must perform at L.


Let's look at (B) and (E):

(B) N exhibition is in the 4th week.

If N exhibition is in the 4th week, then W must perform in the 4th week, which violates rule (3). Thus, we can conclude that it cannot be true.

(E) Z performs in the third week.

If Z performs in the third week, O exhibition must be third. J K L exhibitions could be 1,2, and 4 respectively, and N exhibition -fifth.

A: J K O L N
M: T V Z Y W

Since this scenario complies with all the rules, we can conclude that (E) could be true.

Let me know if this makes sense and if you have any further questions.

Samir-Ghani on October 15, 2019

I realized I made a careless error buy assignment 2 artists and 2 musicians together when I diagrammed it the first time, causing the confusion. Makes senses now. Thank you