Music professor: Because rap musicians can work alone in a recording studio, they need not accommodate supporting mus...

Meredith on October 16, 2019

Choice E

What's wrong with E?

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Victoria on October 17, 2019

Hi @Meredith,

E is incorrect because the music critic does not directly challenge each of the claims made by the music professor.

The professor claims that rap is individualistic and non-traditional because: (1) rap musicians work alone; and (2) learning to rap is not as formal as learning an instrument.

By comparison, the music critic claims that rap is more traditional and less individualistic than the professor claims because: (1) rap uses bits of older songs; (2) the themes and styles of rap have developed into a tradition; and (3) rap musicians do not perform solely idiosyncratically, but conform to public preference.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.