A new process enables ordinary table salt to be fortified with iron. This advance could help reduce the high incidenc...

on October 17, 2019

Underlying principle

Would underlying principle, as stated in question e, be a not stated assumption?


on October 17, 2019

Hello @zgnewquist,

An underlying principle is not the same thing as an unstated assumption. Answer choice E is incorrect, but I'll try to explain how to identify principles because you will see them on other questions.

A principle will be a general statement or rule that can be applied to more specific scenarios. You will encounter many of them in regard to morality.
For example: If one believes that a course of action is morally right, then one has a duty to pursue that course of action.
Example: One should not lie to one's friends, unless doing so will protect a friend from harm.

Do you see why there is no underlying principle in this question? That people consume enough salt to provide significant amounts of iron is simply a piece of information given in support of the conclusion.

Does that answer your question?

on October 17, 2019

Thank you, that is helpful!

Nicholas on July 1, 2020

Will a principle always be stated in conditional terms?