A new process enables ordinary table salt to be fortified with iron. This advance could help reduce the high incidenc...

on October 17 at 02:35PM

Underlying principle

Would underlying principle, as stated in question e, be a not stated assumption?

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on October 17 at 03:48PM

Hello @zgnewquist,

An underlying principle is not the same thing as an unstated assumption. Answer choice E is incorrect, but I'll try to explain how to identify principles because you will see them on other questions.

A principle will be a general statement or rule that can be applied to more specific scenarios. You will encounter many of them in regard to morality.
For example: If one believes that a course of action is morally right, then one has a duty to pursue that course of action.
Example: One should not lie to one's friends, unless doing so will protect a friend from harm.

Do you see why there is no underlying principle in this question? That people consume enough salt to provide significant amounts of iron is simply a piece of information given in support of the conclusion.

Does that answer your question?

on October 17 at 07:16PM

Thank you, that is helpful!

Nicholas on July 1 at 10:49PM

Will a principle always be stated in conditional terms?