City leader: If our city adopts the new tourism plan, the amount of money that tourists spend here annually will incr...

hannahnaylor5 on October 17, 2019

Why not C

The way the passage is set up, it seems to be an either/or situation, like they can't afford to do both. Can you please explain why C is incorrect and D is correct?

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SamA on October 17, 2019

Hello @hannahnaylor5,

The city leader is not debating a decision between the tourism plan and the auto manufacturer. Rather, she is using the auto manufacturer as an example of a reasonable course of action. We don't even know if the city has the option of building an auto plant. Her use of this example could be purely rhetorical. What we do know, is that if building an auto plant would be reasonable, then an even less expensive option that creates the same amount of jobs would be reasonable as well. We can be certain of this, which is why D is correct. We cannot be certain that the city cannot afford both. This is never stated in the passage. Maybe it doesn't have space for both. There is too much uncertainty to conclude C.

kassidee on March 18, 2020

I don't get how we can be "certain" it is reasonable?

TimB on April 5, 2020

@SamA what's wrong with answer B?