Physician: There were approximately 83,400 trampoline– related injuries last year. This suggests that trampolines are...

zgnewquist on October 17, 2019

Answer choice C

Why is C incorrect?

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SamA on October 17, 2019

Hello @zgnewquist,

C is incorrect because the physician never discusses the rate of trampoline injuries. She only presents an amount of trampoline injuries. These are not the same, and you will encounter many LR questions that test your understanding of rate/percentage vs. amount/total number. We do not have enough information to conclude that the physician disagrees with C. Even though the rate is declining, it does not affect her argument that trampolines are dangerous and should be only be used under supervision.

zgnewquist on October 17, 2019

Ok, thank you, that is really helpful! Thank you