A century in certain ways is like a life, and as the end of a century approaches, people behave toward that century m...

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June 2007 test

If I don’t do well on this test does that determine anything


Irina on October 18, 2019


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Any way to practice on LR only

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on February 25 at 02:21AM

Why option D is the correct answer?

Emil on March 22 at 11:16PM

We are told that two things are similar: the end of a century and the end of a life. We are then told that at the end of a life, people tend to reflect on that life. Since these two thing are similar, we probably can expect that people will reflect in a similar way on the end of a century. Since near the end of life people tend to reflect on their own life (the thing ending) we can expect that at the end of a century, people will reflect on the century that is ending. While d is not the word for word answer we expect, it does broadly cover the idea of reflecting on the ending century.