Passage B differs from passage A in that passage B displays an attitude toward the ideas it discusses that is more

Ryan-Mahabir on October 18, 2019

Why is C correct? Why is A incorrect?


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Skylar on October 20, 2019


Passage A has an overall engaged tone. We see this in the way that it uses first-person ("we") and second-person ("you") speech throughout. We also see this in the second paragraph, which makes an active recommendation about what changes should be made. This shows strong support for the ideas discussed in the passage.

Passage B, however, employes a tone that is detached from the ideas it discusses. This passages uses third-person language ("he" and "one") as well as passive language ("It has long been argued"). Unlike Passage A, this passage does not actively promote the ideas it discusses. Rather, it factually states what other people (Ayer) argue.

The question asks about the attitude that Passage B displays. Given our analysis of the tones of each passage, we can say that Passage B is (C) more detached than Passage A. It is not (A) more engaged. In fact, the opposite is true- Passage A is more engaged than Passage B.

Does this make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!