Bird watcher: The decrease in the mourning-dove population in this area is probably a result of the loss of nesting h...

Ryan-Mahabir on October 18, 2019

Why is B correct? Why is C incorrect?


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Irina on October 18, 2019


(B) is correct because it points out that the nearby orchard is the only suitable habitat for nesting doves in the area. Since it eliminates a possibility that the doves could nest elsewhere in the area, it strengthens the conclusion arguing that because the orchard is no long suitable, the doves no longer nest in the area as a whole.

(C) is incorrect because it is irrelevant to the argument. The argument is about doves not blue jays, we cannot infer that blue jay nesting behavior is any way representative of the dove nesting behavior and draw any conclusions from it.

tomgbean on January 1, 2020

How does B reconcile the sprinklers with the birds nesting in the orchards? I was expecting the answer choice to connect these.