The author uses the word "immediacy" (line 39) most likely in order to express

Asaad32 on October 18, 2019

Example 4

Hey Mehran, Still a little confused about why we did not create a diagram for the either/or sentence at the end of the passage. I understand that the sentence is not necessarily relevant, however when presented with other passages, what is a strong technique for deciphering what is important?

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SamA on October 18, 2019

Hello @Asaad32,

I am not Mehran, but I think I can answer your question.

When we read this passage, we can see that it is setting up connections between marketplaces, monetary systems, Greece, and Mesopotamia. Never does the passage give us any rules or information regarding commodities until the last sentence. You are correct, it does not appear to be relevant to the question, which is why Mehran ignored it.

On future questions like this, look for links between the information given. There is nothing we can link the trade of commodities to, so we can't gather any more information or make conclusions about it.

Here is what I mean by a link. Mehran diagrammed:
MS - - - - - - -> MP
not MP - - - - - - not MS
When the passage tells us that Mesopotamia did not have markets (not MP), we have found a link to our contrapositive, and we can be certain that Mesopotamia did not have a monetary system (not MS.) That last sentence is just information. Typically, we don't need to diagram facts, but rather the relationship between pieces of information.