Heavy salting of Albritten's roads to melt winter ice and snow began about 20 years ago. The area's groundwater now ...

AmMaSu on October 19, 2019

Was there a rate of increase in salt content provided in the stimulus?

I think I may have missed the rate at which there has been an increase in salt content per 20 years.

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Irina on October 19, 2019


The rate is not provided in the stimulus, but the argument implies that in a place where the traffic pattern is similar to the one in Albritten 20 years ago the salt content is only 10 mg/ liter, hence the salt content must have increased from 10 mg to 100 mg over 20 years. The fact that the true rate of salt increase is a lot lower - only 90 to 100 mg over 20 years suggests that the concerns regarding groundwater becoming too salty are unfounded.

Let me know if you have any further questions.