If a linguini special is offered the day before a pizza special is offered, then which one of the following could be ...

Samir on October 20, 2019

Game 2 Question 8

Can someone explain this question to me, I was having trouble with this one.


Irina on October 20, 2019


The game requires us to determine the order of specials - G L N P Q over six days M-S. The question asks us if L is offered the day before P which of the following could be true?

Since it is a could be true question, the rest of the choices must be false. If L is offered the day before P, L must be offered on W since P is offered on Th. Since G must be offered only once and Q must be offered on the day immediately before G, and we know that Q is not a special on F, we can infer that the only available pair of days for QG are M and T. Now we have F and S left and on one of these days we must offer N since each special must be offered at least once, and on the other available day we must offer one of the previously offered specials - either Q or L since G can only be offered once and P cannot be offered on F or S. So we could offer N or L on F and N, Q, or L on S as long as we offer N on one of these days.

Q G. L P. /N/L /N/Q/L
M T. W Th F S
~P. ~P
The only answer choice that could be true is (E) F special is L, and in that scenario S special must be N.