Mate is a beverage found in much of South America. While it is uncertain where mate was first made, there are more va...

manvir on October 20, 2019

Why is E a better answer than A?

If greater varieties means longer time, why is A no the correct answer?

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BenMingov on October 21, 2019

Hi Manvir, thanks for the question!

The issue with A is that while it does support that this beverage has been in Paraguay for a long time, it does not support that it originated in Paraguay. While it may have been present in Paraguay for 150 years, perhaps it is still not the origin. Some other country may have been the birthplace of Mate even before this.

This differs from E that says that the longer a beverage has been in use in a particular place, the more widely that beverage is used. Since it is most widely used in Paraguay, it is most likely that it has been in use longest in Paraguay (and hence, the origin).

Hope this helps!