Unlike many machines that are perfectly useful in isolation from others, fax machines must work with other fax machin...

Lucie on October 20, 2019

Why is A correct?

Along with that, does it have to do with the wording of the passage? What language leads to the indication of A? I was having a bit of trouble distinguishing the differences in the wording of some of the answer choices. Thank you!

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BenMingov on October 21, 2019

Hi Acarrera, thanks for the question!

The correct answer here is actually B. Maybe this was the confusion.

However, the argument is saying that some machines require other machines to be useful and cannot be used in isolation. Think of any communication device! In the case outlined, competing manufacturers made it so that the fax machines couldn't work together and this negatively impacted the commercial viability of fax machines. So, they decided to adopt a common format to make their machines commercially viable.

And this is how we reach B, because in this case it was in the best interest of the competitors to cooperate in order to make the machines compatible.

Hope this helps!