Geneticist: Billions of dollars are spent each year on high–profile experiments that attempt to link particular huma...

on October 21, 2019

Principle Questions

It seems that if it is a principle question, then the correct Answer choice must be supported based off the stimulus (in a sense a MBT and strengthening hybrid). Is this a valid inference?

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Ben on October 21, 2019

Hi Zgnewquist, thanks for the question!

That's a good observation. Very often, principle questions are combined with strengthen, parallel reasoning, and other question types. So yes, in a way these are hybrid questions.

Hope this helps!

jing jing on April 16, 2020

Hi Can someone explain why B is wrong? Thanks

Jared on January 13, 2021

The arguments conclusion is too broad to support B. By saying that they should increase funding for "other genetic research" rather than just those that talk about malnutrition the answer must also reflect that broadness. The condition on why they accept to say these terms is because the plant experiment is "More mundane and practical"