Each new car in the lot at Rollway Motors costs more than $18,000. Any car in their lot that is ten or more years old...

suzanne on October 21, 2019


Could we please have an instructor diagram the question and answer for Us? Thanks

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Irina on October 22, 2019


The basic structure of the argument here is that:
If an item is of X age, it costs more than A
If an item is of Y age, it costs less than B
So all the items that cost in between A and B must be between ages X and Y.

It appears that for all the answer choices, floor = car age, number of bedrooms = price
Let's look at the correct answer choice (C):

No apartment above the 4th floor has fewer than 3 bedrooms.
This is parallel to no new car costs less than 18 K.

All apartments below 4th floor have fewer than 2 bedrooms.
This is parallel to any car older than 10 years costs less than 2 k.

So if any apartment has two bedrooms, it must be on the 4th floor.
So if any car is in between these price points, it must be between 10 years old and new.

Let me know if this makes sense and if you have any further questions.