The author uses the word "immediacy" (line 39) most likely in order to express

ChrisH85 on October 22, 2019

Question 7

Why do we start it off with a PF (Popular with Faculty) with a slash through it instead of a UPWF (Unpopular with faculty) without a slash through it? It is like we are making the sufficient condition negative? Usually the sufficient condition is positive? I am confused please advise. Thanks, Chris

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BenMingov on October 22, 2019

Hi ChrisH85, thanks for the question!

Typically, it is best to draw your diagrams in whichever way you would feel most comfortable understanding, while also maintaining the logical integrity of the conditional statement.

Here, PF with a slash through is exactly the same thing as UPWF. Think about what PF with a slash means, it means UPWF.

These are simply equivalent ways of saying the same thing. The reason we might prefer to write it this way is because when you will take the contrapositive of UPWF, this will be UPWF with a slash through it, which is a double negative. And it is then up to you to realize that this means PF.

Hope this helps!