Futurist: Artists in the next century will be supported largely by private patrons. Because these patrons will almos...

Kath on October 22, 2019

Seek for help

Could you explains this question? P.s. I paraphrase the stimulus as the artists would not go against the private patrons willings. But there is no such answer.

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BenMingov on October 22, 2019

Hi Kath, thanks for the question!

The stimulus can be broken down as follows:

Artists in the next century will be supported by private patrons. Those private patrons will be supporters of their era's social order. Because of this, art will rarely go against this social order.

So we know that art will be supported by these private patrons and that because of the patrons' support of the social order, art won't go against it.

The principle in answer choice A supports this perfectly because if private patrons won't donate to art against the social order that they adhere to, then they are supporting artists who tend to not go against their ideals.

Your paraphrase was actually a loose restatement of the final portion of the stimulus. It goes both ways, artists won't go against private patrons (as you said) and that private patrons won't support something that goes against them (as answer choice said).

While you were correct in your thinking, it is important to be flexible with the presented answer choices.

Hope this helps!