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icsparalegal on October 22, 2019

June 1991 Logic Games, Page 3 of Hard Copy Logic Games

Good Morning, I would like an explanation as to why the answer to question 17 of the above-referenced game is not A. Thanks

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BenMingov on October 22, 2019

Hi Icsparalegal, thanks for the question!

This is an 8 slot sequencing game. We are placing O in 5 and M in 7.

We are trying to determine the number of variables whose placement is fixed after the new condition is given.

I must be last of the remaining variables, so we place this in slot 8.

Of the now remaining 5 variables, G must be last, so we place this variable in slot 6 (the last available slot).

Of H, N, K, and J, we cannot determine which variables must go in which slots. It is for this reason that we can only determine the position of 2 variables.

Hope this helps!