The author would be most likely to agree with which one of the following statements?

zah3 on October 22, 2019

question 5

I struggled with this passage in general for some reason but can you help me pinpoint where in the passage it says or infers that UN member countries aren't abiding by provisions to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? (Answer Choice E)

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Irina on October 22, 2019


(E) suggests that the UDHR would be truer to the intentions of its proponents if it was legally binding, it is not saying that the countries are willfully violating any of the provisions. Lines 46-47 tell us that " has weakness, the most regrettable of which is its non binding legal status." Lines 17-22 tell us that several proponents lobbied vigorously to strengthen the provisions and impose obligations on member states, i.e. make it legally binding. Thus, we can infer that if it were true to these proponents intentions, it would be legally binding.