Gerald: Unless a consumer secures his or her home wireless Internet service, anyone strolling by is able to access th...

kristinsmith04 on October 22, 2019

Is my analysis of why I was wrong correct? (See below)

Does this question require we infer using outside knowledge that loitering and harassment is illegal? I did not pick A because did not think the second speaker made any mention to the illegality of things. Thanks!

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Irina on October 22, 2019


I think we can infer from the tone that the second speakers considers these activities to be illegal because the first speaker says "it cannot be considered illegal cause it is like hearing music.." and the second speaker starts off with "But unlike hearing music.." suggesting that the activity is unlike/ the opposite of the activity that is legal, hence it implied it is illegal and is more similar to loitering/ harassment. While it certainly does not hurt known that loitering/ harassment are illegal for this question, it is not necessary to know that or even understand what constitutes loitering/ harassment to see that the second speaker directly responds to the legality point.