It can be inferred that the authors of the two passages would be most likely to agree on which one of the following s...

GabiKolb on October 22, 2019

Climate trends

I am confused by answer choice E because it talks about climate trends, but passage B doesn't say anything explicit about climate trends.

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AndreaK on October 23, 2019

Hi @madisanbryant,

You’re on the right track with passage A. Line 19 at “Currently…” to line 28, and the first sentence, and passage A’s purpose as a whole in general can speak to answer choice E pretty well.

With passage B, even though climate change is not mentioned directly we can still make some inferences. The first paragraph talks about how natural processes (like climate change) can be solved using parallel computers. Line 38 talks about problems with a large number of similar elements, which we know is the case in climate change from the first paragraph’s details about it. Additionally, the last paragraphs speaks to “why parallel computing” as opposed to maybe another kind of computing.

This question requires you to make some inferences, and often on a question type like this the right answer won’t be explicitly stated in the passage.

Hope this helps!