Which one of the following laws would conform most closely to the position articulated by the author of passage A but...

Meredith on October 23 at 06:02PM

E over D

Why E and not D?

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Ben on November 12 at 06:45PM

Hi Meredith, thanks for the question!

The difference between answer choices D and E are that E encompasses author A's view in its entirety, while D is only partially correct.

Answer choice D says a law that would conform most closely with author A's stance is the following:

"A law that legalizes selling based on inside information that a stock's price ought to be dropping but prohibits buying based on inside information that it should be rising". The first part is true of author A's view, but the second is not. Author A believes insider trading should be allowed for both buying and selling. Author B would disagree with the first part of this statement, of course, as B is strongly against insider trading.

Answer choice E states the exact position of A, insider trading is fine so long as no crime is committed to get the information. Author B does not condone insider trading in any capacity.

Hope this helps!

Samantha on May 15 at 04:37PM

I am not sure where passage A mentions anything about gathering inside information through crime? Thank you!