If Kite-making is given on Friday morning, then which one of the following could be true?

sharkins on October 23, 2019

Why not B?

Why is A a better answer than B? Couldn't B be the correct answer?

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Irina on October 23, 2019


No, there can only be one correct answer for every LSAT question, but we can determine a correct answer in the logic games section with absolute certainty because every other answer choice will violate one or more of the rules of the game. Let's look at the question:

m __ __ K
a __ __ __
W Th F

If K is given on F morning, then per rule one J and Q must be on the same day, either W or Th. R must be given in the afternoon, on the same day as N or S, thus one of the days - W or Th -must be J and Q and the other one N/S and R. Whichever class is not given on the same day as R thus must be given on F afternoon, so N or S must go on F afternoon. Since the rules tell us that Q must be given earlier than N, we can conclude that if J Q pair is on Th, N must be on F afternoon, resulting in the following three possible scenarios:

m J N/S K
a Q R N/S
W Th F

m S J K
a R Q N
W Th F

We can see that the only option that could be true is J is given on Th morning - scenario 3 above. It is impossible for N to be given on Th afternoon because Q and R both must be in the afternoon of either W or Th.

Let me know if you have any other questions.