YXK is currently the television network with the highest overall number of viewers. Among YXK's programs, Bliss has t...

Meredith on October 23, 2019

Why A and not C

Why is A correct and C is not?

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BenMingov on October 24, 2019

Hi Meredith, thanks for the question!

YXK as a whole has the most views. Bliss (part of YXK) has most views within YXK (whole). Therefore, Bliss has more viewers than any other program.

This makes an error in going from relative to absolute terms. Just because you are the smartest student in the smartest class, does not mean you are the smartest student anywhere. Maybe some other student, anywhere else, is 100x smarter than you.

The issue with answer choice C is that it states that the motor company makes the three best selling cars in the country. If one of them is the best selling of the three, then of course it will be the best selling in the country.

Answer choice A makes the same mistake as the stimulus. Most leg injuries within the group with the highest rate of leg injuries, does not mean Linda has the most leg injuries compared with everyone. Again, perhaps some other athlete injures their leg during each game and/or practice and plays lacrosse. We just can't conclude that she has the most of anybody simply because she has the most within her group.

Hope this helps!