Jake: Companies have recently introduced antibacterial household cleaning products that kill common bacteria on surfa...

Zariyah on October 24, 2019


Why is the answer A and not D?

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Irina on October 24, 2019


(A) is correct because both speakers agree that antibacterial cleaners kill SOME common bacteria. Jake tells us that 'companies have introduced cleaners that kill common bacteria.." and Karolinka implies that even though these cleaners kill some common bacteria, the common bacteria that do survive could develop antibiotic resistant strain. If (A) said "cleaners kill all common bacteria" then it would be incorrect, but we can infer that both speakers agree that cleaners kill at least some.

(D) is incorrect because none of the speakers discuss the health implications of using antibacterial products and whether the bacteria is a serious health concern. Jake says people who wish to minimize the amount of bacteria should use cleaners, but he never argues that everyone should use antibacterial cleaners because common bacteria is a health concern. Karolinka argues that using antibacterial products is actually more harmful, suggesting that the presence of common bacteria is not a major health concern.