The last paragraph of the passage serves primarily to

Ryan-Mahabir on October 24, 2019

Why is C correct? Why is A incorrect?


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SamA on November 8, 2019

Hello @Ryan-Mahabir,

While the final paragraph does mention how the wampum belts are made up of less complex string wampum, I would not say that this is the primary purpose of the paragraph. This is more of a brief description of how the belts were made. It is not a detailed history of how other forms evolved into the belts.

There is too much discussion of the political representation of the belts for that topic to be ignored. The majority of the paragraph describes how the belts were used after the formation of the Haudenosaune Confederacy. It includes specific symbols and their political significance. Answer choice C best expresses the main point. A fails to include the purpose of the belts.