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@chris_va on October 24, 2019

strengthen with nec. and quantifiers

Does the quantifier aspect matter only in the case of levels of strength for different answer choices. Meaning, if we just completely negated all the choices to an absolute case, instead of "none to some", etc. would it still not be clear which choice was correct? Thanks guys

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BenMingov on October 24, 2019

Hi Chris_va, thanks for the question!

If I am understanding correctly, are you asking if you were to negate from one absolute to another, would this work for necessary assumption questions?

If so, we need to negate by using the logical opposite. Using the absolute opposite will not give us our desired results.

For our purposes, logically negating "none" (0) becomes "some" (1-100), while the absolute opposite would be "all" (100). This misses a whole range of possibilities, namely 1-99.

Hope this helps!