Critic: Rock music is musically bankrupt and socially destructive, but at least the album covers of rock LPs from the...

Eugenia-Ouyang on October 24, 2019

Please explain

I have trouble understanding the passage and why the Answer is A. Thank you.

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BenMingov on October 24, 2019

Hi Eugenia-Ouyang, thanks for the question!

This is a necessary assumption question and the stimulus can be understood as follows:

Rock music = musically bankrupt and socially disruptive. Album covers of old LPs used to have nice art. No more LP production, so rock has no value.

This argument is assuming that the art on the cover of the old LPs is no longer being produced.

If we negate answer choice A, it becomes "digital music is distributed with accompanying innovative visual art".

This would hurt the argument because, in this case, how can we conclude that rock has no value if it has the art that we think is innovative?

Hope this helps!