Which one of the following statements could be true?

phillip-blackmar on October 25, 2019


is there a video explanation for this game?

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Irina on October 25, 2019


There is no video explanation currently, please forward this feedback to our support team.
The game involves five speakers delivering five lectures, each on a different philosopher.
We are told that each speaker specializes in the following philosophers:
1: K L M
2: K L M N
3: M N
4: M N
5: N O P

Since week 3/4 speakers only specialize in N & M, we can infer that one of them must lecture on N and the other on M, and no other speakers can lecture on N or M. It means that speakers 1 and 2 can only lecture on K or L, thus one must lecture on K and the other on L. The remaining speaker 5 could lecture either on O or P since no other lecturers specilize in these philosophers. Taken together, we have the following setup:

5: O/P

Let me know if this makes sense and if you have any other questions about this game.