The information in the passage suggests that the author would most likely agree with which one of the following state...

shafieiava on October 25, 2019

Why is C incorrect?

Could you please explain why C is incorrect? It seems off topic but still a possible inference. Thank you!

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Annie on November 8, 2019

Hi @shafieiava,

This question is asking to you to find the answer choice that the author would most likely agree with. Given the phrasing of the question, we can tell that some of the answer choices are likely going to seem quite similar to one another. So, you're not just looking for an answer the author may agree with, but one that the author "would most likely agree with."

Answer Choices:
(A) is incorrect. This is a tricky answer choice as it seems to map on to the final paragraph in the passage. However, nothing in the passage tells us that "most regionally oriented law schools have been equally deficient in the teaching of case law." At line 4-5 we are told that "statutory law is often given too little attention by law schools." However, we are never told that this is the case at most regional law schools. Therefore, we can't assume that the author would agree with this statement.

(B) is correct. At line 22- 25 we are told, "statutes' meanings and their applicability to relevant situations are not always so obvious, and that is one reason that the ability to interpret them accurately is an essential skill for law students to learn." Answer choice B is just a paraphrase of this statement. Therefore, we can be sure that the author would agree with the statement.

(C) is incorrect. While you may be tempted to make the leap from learning to interpret statutes to learning to interpret cases, the passage does not make it. The author never states that training on statutes would help in analyzing cases. Therefore, we can't be sure that the author would agree.

(D) is incorrect. The passage doesn't say this. Rather, it says almost the exact opposite at lines 50-55.

(E) is incorrect. The passage does not say this. While it mentions that most lawyers intend to specialize (line 37-39), it never discusses lawyers who do not specialize.