If Olsen is the sole ranger assigned to area 2, then which one of the following could be the complete assignment of r...

Ryan-Mahabir on October 25, 2019

Why is C correct? Why is B incorrect?


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Irina on October 25, 2019


If O is assigned to area 2, JK must be assigned to area 1 per the rules. P must be assigned to area 3 since he cannot be assigned to area 1 per the rules and O is the sole ranger in area 2. L could be assigned either to area 1 or area 3.

1: J K /L
2: O
3: M P /L

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Morgan98 on February 13, 2021

it does not say they MUST be in area 1, it states they MUST be in the SAME area. Where does it say they NEED to be in area 1?

JessQ on March 12, 2021

This one was really tough. This is how I understood it- You can't put JK in area 3 because it would be JKM which would not be allowed since we need L to be either LM or LK (either or- can't have both). You can't put JK in area 2 with O because then that leaves only L and P left. L would need to go to area 2 to be LK or area 3 to be LM and then that only leaves P which CANNOT go in area 1 per the rules. This would leave area 1 empty which cannot happen per the rules. So JK is forced into area 1.

FS101 on August 3, 2021

Why can't P go into area 2?

Emil-Kunkin on May 11, 2023

Hi, P cannot go in 2 for this question because the setup tells us that O is the sole ranger in 2.