Scientists studying a common type of bacteria have discovered that most bacteria of that type are in hibernation at a...

Lucie on October 26, 2019

Why is answer choice B correct over C?

Hello! Could you please explain why answer choice B is correct over C? Thank you!

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Skylar on October 26, 2019

@Lucie Happy to help!

This can be tricky because the two choices are so similar. The passage establishes the fact that bacteria "are extremely diverse," and because of this it concludes that "it is unlikely that most types of bacteria hibernate regularly." (B) restates this conclusion and is therefore correct. (C) also restates this conclusion, but is incorrect because it does so in terms of the conditional. It says "IF" bacteria are diverse, then the conclusion is true. However, the passage is not written in terms of a conditional relationship, so (C) is not an accurate expression of the passage's conclusion.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!