Which one of the following statements about Western women missionaries working abroad can be inferred from the passage?

Connie on October 28, 2019

Passage #2: October 1992 Question 7-12

I would like to get the main point of this passage and also a general explanation of the questions. Thank you.

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SamA on October 28, 2019

Hello @Connie,

I'll give you a hint for each of these six questions, and I'll leave it to you to find the answers. I think this will help you learn how to critically read a passage. Feel free to @ me if you need further clarification.

7. Just because the number of single women doing missionary work abroad increased in the 1870s, we cannot say that "very few" women were involved beforehand. Their role was just different. Think about the words "most" and "typical." They have roughly the same meaning.

8. Return to the passage and find the segment about male foreign mission boards. What beliefs/ideas did these groups have?

9. When reading, keep track of the main point of each paragraph. This helps you track the passage from beginning to end.
Paragraph 1: A phenomenon is described. The number of single female medical missionaries increased during the 1970s due to women's groups.
Paragraph 2: Benefits of women medical professionals.
Paragraph 3: Effects of the missionaries on the medical training of Chinese women.
Paragraph 4: Important results.

10. Go back to paragraph 1. What is the author's analysis? See line 25. We need an answer choice that suggests this explanation is not true.

11. In which paragraph did the author discuss the benefits of women physicians? What advantage did they have over male physicians?

12. Think about the issue presented in paragraph 3 involving male doctor and female patient.