Moderate exercise lowers the risk of blockage of the arteries due to blood clots, since anything that lowers blood ch...

Farnoush on October 29 at 02:48PM

Why D?

Hi could you please explain why it's D Thank you

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on October 29 at 03:27PM

Hello @farnoushsalimian,

Conclusion: Moderate exercise reduces the risk of blocked arteries due to blood clots.

How does the author reach this conclusion?

Premise 1: Anything that lowers blood cholesterol lowers risk of hardened arteries, which reduces risk of blood clot blockages.
Premise 2: According to a recent study, moderate exercise lowers blood cholesterol levels. (This is the key. It connects Premise 1 to the conclusion.)

What are the other effects of something that lowers blood cholesterol? It also reduces the risk of blocked arteries due to blood clots. If moderate exercise truly reduces blood cholesterol, then the conclusion can be properly drawn. The argument is sound, but only if we assume that the information from the study is accurate. I don't see any other flaws in the argument, or any other assumptions that need to be made. If we are not sure that moderate exercise belongs in the group from Premise 1, then the conclusion cannot be drawn.