As it is presented in the passage, the approach to history taken by mainstream U.S. historians of the late nineteenth...

on October 30, 2019


I am averaging 5/6 correct answers a game, but it takes me very long to do so. I take my first lsat in January. How long does it generally take students to improve their timing?

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on October 30, 2019

Hello @Kaitlyn,

It is encouraging that you are regularly answering 5/6 correctly. This means that your diagrams are sound and you have a solid understanding of sufficient and necessary conditions. You are right that the next step is to pick up speed. If your test is January 13 then you have plenty of time to do so, assuming you give it a good effort.

I remember thinking it would be impossible to finish a game in 8.5 minutes. After doing countless games, it finally clicked. This may not be the answer you want to hear, but repetition is the only way to be faster. The good thing about logic games is that you can do one game repeatedly and still benefit from it. If you have a game that took you forever to finish, try it again until you can complete it in an acceptable amount of time. Then, when you see a similar game, you will be able to diagram much faster.

If you practice consistently in November, I would expect you to finish an LG section in 35 minutes by December 1, missing only 3-5. Then maybe you can focus on the tough end-of-game questions, and unusual game types.