In most corporations the salaries of executives are set by a group from the corporation's board of directors. Since ...

Lucie on October 30, 2019

Answer A

Could you please explain how to interpret the question stem as well as how the last part of this answer choice parallels to that of the scenario? I understand how the first part relates, but the last part about determining the damages is what threw me off from choosing this as the correct answer. Thanks!

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Irina on October 30, 2019


(A) parallels the stimulus because physicians not involved in a suit determining the damages is akin to board members setting the salary of executives, damages are similar to setting the salary except damages is the amount of money the physicians's insurance/ the hospital has to pay versus salary is the amount the executives are paid, so even though one is determining the amount of loss and the other is determining the amount of gain, the flaw in the practice is similar because the physicians are setting the benchmark for any future lawsuit payouts that they may be a party to at some point even though they are not involved in a given litigation in the same way as board members are setting the benchmark for executive salaries that would benefit them as well.

Lucie on October 31, 2019

That helps a lot! Thank you!