The passage suggests that the concepts of collective and private ownership differ in each of the following ways EXCEPT:

Kath on October 30, 2019

Cannot find support from the passage

E says private ownership allows people to sell the property, while the passage only says it allow owner use the property at will without interference. Even if the collective ownership does not allow owners to sell, it does not mean we can infer private ownership allows us to. So I found E is not supported. Could you tell me where I am wrong?

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Irina on November 4, 2019


The fact that a private property system involves "the right of owners to use their property as they see fit without outside interference" means that individuals are able to sell, gift, bequest or otherwise use the property in a way they see fit in contrast to the collective ownership that prevents a sale or bequest (lines 39-41). The correct answer (A) is supported by lines 16-19 which tell us that under private property "all forms of property are capable of being owned by individuals or by groups.."

Let me know if this makes sense or if you have any other questions.