According to the passage, which one of the following conventions did Chopin adopt from other nineteenth–century women...

on October 30 at 07:07PM

Why not A?

Can I please have an explanation!

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Skylar on November 3 at 05:40PM

@Tehran20 Happy to help!

The "elevated, romantic language" discussed in (A) is taken from lines 6-7 of the passage. This refers to the style of the authors of novels during the mid-nineteenth century while Chopin was growing up. However, these are not the writers that Chopin modeled her work after, as stated in the last sentence of the first paragraph. This is further supported by the third paragraph, which discussed Chopin's "uninflected" (line 37) tone for writing of "extreme psychological states without resorting to the excesses of the sentimental novels she read as a youth" (lines 33-34). Therefore, (A) is incorrect.

Does this make sense? Please let us know if you have additional questions or would like a breakdown of the other answer choices!

Monday at 11:54PM

I don't understand how to answer this question at all or eliminate these answer choices that are incorrect. Please help.