Dean: The mathematics department at our university has said that it should be given sole responsibility for teaching...

Meredith on October 31, 2019

Why B

Can someone please provide further explanation as to why B is correct? Thanks.

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Irina on October 31, 2019


(B) accurately describes the flaw in the argument. The dean concludes that the mathematics department's demand to teach the course is unjustified (refutes a view) because the fact that the course has mathematics in it is insufficient to argue that it must be taught by a mathematics professors (showing that one possible reason, i.e. "has mathematics in it" is insufficient to support the department's demand). The dean basically refutes the department's claim solely because one of the reason's for this claim is unjustified, but he ignores the possibility that there could be multitude other reasons for the mathematics department to teach the course, e.g. only professors in that department have the requisite knowledge of statistics.