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Chidera on October 31 at 10:59PM

Question 7 Deductions

On Question 7 why is L not ruled out for slot 4 since we deducted M must be the fewest # of votes and that P, N, O all have fewer votes than L but neither can be the fewest which would create a conflict with slot 7? In that case shouldn't L have been eliminated in slot 4?

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on November 1 at 12:01AM

Hello @chidera,

She did not include every elimination in that initial diagram. She only diagrammed what was inferred from her first glance at the rules. You are correct that L cannot be 4th, or 3rd for that matter, but we can't see every possible elimination at first. Only after we understood that M must be 7th could we limit where L can go. She may have just forgotten to cross out L, or found that it wasn't necessary. Once we see that L must be 1st or 2nd, that is easier to express than writing "not L" under all remaining spaces.

Chidera on November 7 at 06:04AM

Understood makes perfect sense. Thanks for the explanation.