Some credit card companies allow cardholders to skip payments for up to six months under certain circumstances, but i...

Meredith on November 1, 2019

Choice A

I know it is the incorrect answer but what specific aspect of it makes it incorrect?

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Ravi on November 1, 2019


Let's look at (A) and (C).

(A) says, "Although insecticides are effective in ridding the
environment of insect pests, they often kill beneficial insects at the
same time. Since these beneficial insects are so important, we must
find other ways to combat insect pests."

The problem with (A) is that its principle sounds a lot more like
costs outweighing benefits. However, there's nothing about short term
vs. long term in this answer choice (as there was in the stimulus), so
we can get rid of this answer choice. We need the correct answer to
say something about short term vs. long term costs.

(C) says, "It is unwise to use highway maintenance funds for
construction of new roads. There is some immediate benefit from new
roads, but if these funds are not used for maintenance, the total
maintenance cost will be greater in the long run."

(C) looks great. There is an immediate benefit that is outweighed by
long term costs, so this answer choice is saying something about short
term vs. long term costs. This matches the stimulus well, so it's the
correct answer choice.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions!