It can be inferred form the passage that the author would most likely agree with which one of the following statements?

jjchoi793 on November 1, 2019

How is C correct?

Hi, I chose B as my initial answer but cannot understand how C would be correct. Nothing in text mentions apples or plum so I don't know how one could make that kind of inference about something we don't know.

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Irina on November 1, 2019


(B) is supported by the last paragraph. The passage tells us that one of the beneficial effects of wine is that it reduces platelet adhesiveness linked to the development of heart disease (lines 51-53). The passage then cites another study that found a similar effect among individuals who drank large amounts of grape juice, suggesting that beneficial effects of wine stem from the concentration of certain compounds found in grapes (lines 53-59), allowing us to infer that wine made from other fruits is unlikely to have the same healthful properties.