It can be inferred that which one of the following is true of the piano music of the London Pianoforte school?

Lucie on November 2, 2019

Correct answer E

Hello! Could you please explain how one can infer from the passage what E says? Thank you!

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Irina on November 2, 2019


(E) is supported by lines 1-10, which tell us that even musicologists have found the music from the London school largely unavailable in modern scholarly editions, and much of it has "more or less vanished from our historical consciousness."

(A) is incorrect because even though the passage tells us that "nocturnes of John Field have remain familiar" (lines 11-12), we cannot infer that they are representative of the school as a whole;
(B) is incorrect because it is only mentioned as one of the works that remained somewhat familiar (lines 10-11), we cannot infer that it is the best known work of the composers from this school;
(C) is incorrect because even though Temperley's anthology reproduces nearly all of the original music (20-21), we cannot infer that none of the scores are extant;
(D) is incorrect because we have no information whether there were any other attempts to issue new editions.