Engineer: Semiplaning monohulls are a new kind of ship that can attain twice the speed of conventional ships. Due to ...

lerondagates on November 4, 2019

Why D and not A?

Could someone please explain why the answer is D. Where is the potential objection?

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Irina on November 4, 2019


The issue with (A) is that this analogy does not support the main conclusion, it is true that these new ships are as expensive as jet airplanes, but this analogy cannot support the conclusion that ships will likely be profitable. The statement instead serves as an objection as (D) correctly points out to the conclusion that monohulls will be profitable - one may wonder how can they be profitable if this transportation method is more expensive than using traditional ships - but this objection is then countered by an analogy pointing out that just as jet planes, monohulls offer greater speed/ reliability - twice the speed of conventional ships - thus allowing us to conclude that they will likely be profitable.

Let me know if this makes sense and if you have any further questions.

DavidW on March 4, 2020

Hi! Could you please explain the flaws in answer choice E. Thank you!