If Leedom is assigned to Wednesday, which one of the following could be true?

AMason on November 4, 2019

Game 4, Question 4

Can you explain how to find the answer to this question? I can't figure out how any of these answer choices fit. Thanks!

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Irina on November 4, 2019


The game requires us to assign 6 doctors - G H K L N P - to 7 days - Su M T W Th F Su
The following rules apply:
(1) The same doctor is assigned to Sa/Su
(2) G is assigned to one day, so he cannot be assigned to Sa/ Su
(3) GK v KG
(4) ~(NH v HN)
(5) P = Tu

__. __ P. __. __. __. __
Su. M. T. W. Th. F. S

The question asks us if L is assigned on W, which of the following could be true?
Since it is a could be true questions, all the incorrect answer choices MUST BE FALSE.

Let's diagram this scenario:

__. __ P. L. __. __. __
Su. M. T. W. Th. F. S

We have four doctors left to assign - G K H N. We know that GK must be assigned to consecutive days in either order and G cannot be assigned to S or Su, so H N cannot be assigned to consecutive days, so the only days H & N could go are either Su and Th, M and Th or M and F, but if H & N are assigned to S & Th or M & F, this leaves no two consecutive days for GK:

H. __ P. L. N/H.__. H/N
Su. M. T. W. Th. F. S

Thus H & N must be assigned to M & Th:

__. H/N P. L. H/N. __. __
Su. M. T. W. Th. F. S

Since G cannot be assigned to S/Su, it must be assigned to F, and the remaining doctor - K to Sa/ Su:

K. H/N P. L. H/N. G K
Su. M. T. W. . Th. F. S

Out of the answer choices, only (E) could be true, H or N could be assigned to Th.

Let me know if this makes sense and if you have any further questions.

emilylcrawford on September 28 at 01:37AM

If we put K in Sunday and Saturday, then why doesn't G have to go in Monday AND Friday if rule 3 tells us that G and K must always go before or after each other? Or is the rule telling us it only has to go after the one G?

Emil-Kunkin on September 28 at 02:30PM

We are only allowed to have one G in this game. It's important to read the rule closely, here rule three tells us that G must be immediately next to A day on which K is, not next to every day on which K is.