Each of the following statements about the Koch curve can be properly deduced from the information given in the passa...

Meredith on November 4, 2019

Why A

Why is A the correct answer?

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Irina on November 4, 2019


Since this is an EXCEPT question, the passage supports all of the incorrect answers.

(B) is supported by lines 5-6 fractals exhibit the property of self-similarity: the reiteration of irregular details at progressively smaller scales." and the passage tells us that the Koch curve is a fractal
(C) is supported by lines 27-31 "the image approximating the Koch curve will be limited by the fact that eventually, the segments will get too short to be drawn or displayed.'
(D) is supported by lines 14-19 "at this stage, the curve consists of ..segments of equal length..the process is repeated indefinitely."
(E) is supported by lines 11-13 "the middle third of the line is removed and replaced (initial segment) with two line segments, each as long as the removed piece.."

(A) is the only statement that is unsupported by the passage.

Let me know if you have any other questions.