Many uses have been claimed for hypnosis, from combating drug addiction to overcoming common phobias. A recent experi...

lerondagates on November 5, 2019

Why D?

I am not understanding why the answer is D here. Please explain. Thank you.

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Skylar on November 7, 2019

@lerondagates Thanks for your question.

(D) states "What people recall under hypnosis depends to at least some extent on suggestion." This is correct and is supported by the passage's account of subjects who were asked to describe a film (which they had not seen) and a musical piece (which they had listened to) having "equally confident and detailed" recollections. Therefore, suggesting that a subject had seen a film while under hypnosis has some type of an impact on that subject's recollection of what happened while they were under hypnosis, as evidenced by the fact that those subjects confidently described the suggested film rather than the musical piece they had heard.

Does this help? Let us know if you have additional questions!

lerondagates on November 8, 2019

Wow, that makes sense now. I missed the "which they had not seen". Thanks for the explanation.