Greatly exceeding the recommended daily intake of vitamins A and D is dangerous, for they can be toxic at high levels...

lerondagates on November 5, 2019

How B?

How is the answer b here? I thought that "some" meant at least one. The passage states that "many people overestimate what counts as a standard serving of vitamin-fortified foods such as cereal, consuming two to three times what the manufacturers define as standard servings." is this the reason the answer is B? Because at least one person exceeds the recommended daily intake? Please explain. Thank you.

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Irina on November 5, 2019


While it is true that "some" could mean at least 1, "many" "few" and "some" are actually logical equivalents when it comes to quantifiers, thus saying that "some people ..exceed the recommended intake" is consistent with the fact that "many people overestimate." Since we know that many people overestimate..consuming two-three times standard servings, and one serving provides 100% of the daily intake, we can infer that at least some people who eat such foods exceed the recommended intake as they consume two-three times the servings and therefore 2-3x the daily intake.

Does this make sense?

Let me know if you have any other questions.

lerondagates on November 5, 2019

Well, when you put it that way it makes perfect sense. haha. Thanks for the clarification. I get it now.