Which one of the following most accurately describes the main purpose for which passage A was written and the main pu...

on November 6, 2019

Difference between C and B

Hello! Could you please explain the difference between B and C, and what language in B leads us to understand that it is not the correct answer? Thank you!


on November 7, 2019

Hello @Lucie,

Great question, I think that understanding this one will help you a great deal in reading comprehension.

You asked why B is incorrect, but B is the correct answer.

First, let's discuss what is wrong with C. "To spell out the details of two fundamental principles" entirely misses the last paragraph of passage A. The author concludes that these two principles are insufficient for determining proper ownership. The author then introduces a principle of rectification. To ignore this principle is to miss the main point.

Does the case presented in passage B "exemplify a moral ideal?" No it does not, because the author states that the current owners lack a well-founded right to the land. Therefore, this case is hardly a moral ideal. The author concludes that the land should be returned to the Native Americans whenever feasible.

Answer choice B describes passage A as a general outline of a branch of moral theory. This is better than C's description. The author of A does outline the whole theory of justice regarding property.

When it comes to passage B, a "moral analysis" is the best description. The author makes a determination of what the moral action would be, which is to return the land to its rightful owners.

Alison on August 21, 2020

Can you explain why E is incorrect? Thank you.